Management of telephone surveys in Tunisia

Nexus Contact Center, an offshore specialist in CATI field in Tunisia, deals with all your telephone surveys and shares with you, in a collaborative way, its CATI application for real-time monitoring.We are equipped with 70 positions in CATI Predictive.

Run by an international CATI field specialist, with 20 years of experience, including 8 in Tunisia, our marketing studies department processes more than 100 multi-country and multi-language field annually.

The department, which is independent of telemarketing activities, but often intervenes in interaction with customer services, proposes in particular:

  • Advice for adapting a survey in CATI mode
  • Standardized processing procedures that meet the requirements of ISO 20252
  • Monitoring on all stages of processing and consistency checks
  • Access to our CATI tool in order to follow the progress of the quotas in real time, to access the live plays as well as the archives of the recordings
Enquêtes téléphoniques Tunisie - Nexus Contact Center

Our Cati Fields are mainly in French, Italian and Arabic language

For other languages, consult us.

Key sectors of Cati field

Télécom & technologies

Terrain CATI Tunisie : Secteur télécoms et technologies


Terrain CATI Tunisie : Secteur banques et assurances


Terrain CATI Tunisie: Secteur distribution


Enquêtes téléphoniques Tunisie : Secteur Transport


Enquêtes téléphoniques Tunisie : Secteur automobile

Types of telephone surveys


Sondages Opinions: enquêtes téléphoniques Tunisie

Observatories and / or quantification

Enquêtes téléphoniques : Observatoires et baromètres

Positioning, Segmentation …

Enquêtes CATI : Positionnement et segmentation

Image & reputation

Enquêtes téléphoniques : image et notoriété


Qualification fichier - call center Tunisie

Mistery shopping

Enquêtes téléphoniques : mistery shopping


terrains téléphoniques CATI: Mesure d'audience

Etc. Etc…