Outsourcing Customer Relationship in Tunis Nexus Contact


Our offshore outsourcing services

In detail

Rich experience in the profiling of prospective files and clients, especially for the account of computer editors or digital players. Step prior to targeted  marketing actions.
Rich experience in detecting equipment projects, underwriting etc … A proven methodology, powerful and collaborative tools shared with our customers.
Know-how recognized for the creation of traffic in commercial or virtual agencies.
Pivotal element of the increased average order basket, we favor telesales profiles on this type of projects and put in place programs of commercial animations and challenges.
Specialists in the MA, we offer qualified, locked and controlled target appointments . Our technological tools are shared with our customers and equipped with management rules that promote the balance between agendas and / or prioritization.
In BtoB and BtoC, we put more than 15 years of know-how at your disposal: dedicated teams, mastery of sales techniques, empathy and sense of contact, all in the service of commercial performance.
We assist you in setting up your additional and cross-selling programs by providing teams that are experienced in detecting opportunities that strengthen the relationship with your brand.
In curative mode, we help you avoid churn by putting teams whose profile combines listening and customer service with the direction of commercial bounce.